We are a team of people who dare to ask the question of eradication; “How do we help bring an end to forced labor and sex trafficking in the Panhandle?” We are joining together like minded individuals and organizations that are committed to helping combat commercial human trafficking in our communities of the Panhandle.

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An Alliance

An alliance of businesses, law enforcement, concerned citizens and organizations who have united to combat commercial sexual exploitation happening in our communities in the Panhandle.

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A Proven Strategy

A strategy that addresses all parts of the fight against commercial sexual exploitation including prevention, intervention, and restoration. The strategy was created and endorsed by experts in the field of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. They agreed this strategy will move the needle in the fight against Commercial Sexual Exploitation in the Panhandle. ​

A Fund

A fund that receives tax-deductible donations from SAFE partners and community members and invests those funds in qualified, vetted organizations who are moving the needle in fighting commercial sexual exploitation.

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